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Welcome to the website of Académie Linguistique Charlemagne


Our school is specialized in teaching the two spoken languages of Quebec: French and English as well as helping with exam preparation for the TOEFL iBt, TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL Jr., TEF, TEFaQ, TFI and DELE exams. We offer quality service centered on conviviality and effectiveness.


At ALC, you will be welcomed by a dynamic team that will strive to make your stay as pleasant as possible and help each student adapt to their new environment with a courteous and personalized service.


Whether you come from Canada or a foreign country, or whether you’re here to study short or long term, at our school you will find competent teaching professionals that will help you gain strong language skills.


Whether your language studies are for your career, college or university studies, ALC will guarantee you individualized follow-up no matter which course you choose. We also offer part-time courses in Spanish and German.


  • Course session flexibility with no financial penalty.
  • Visa aid for foreign students.
  • Regular individual progress reports.
  • Sending of required applications forms.
  • Payment options.
  • Application form translation free of charge.
  • Individual pedagogical control.
  • Rapid progression of levels
  • Exact evaluation for your required length of training.
  • Health insurance.
  • Courses adapted to your objectives.
  • Translation of official documents.
  • Preferential fees for Canadian students.
  • Government Exam registration. Complimentary program courses.
  • Accommodations for foreign visitors.


If you have any questions, we will answer them! Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We will be more than glad to answer to all your needs.


Votre réusssite c'est ALC montréal


ALC’s guarantee of success


A Test preparation session duration is based on 4 weeks



More details on the ALC’s guarantee of success
  • As foreign language teaching experts, we know that our methodology is key to your success. This is the reason we are able to guarantee that you will reach the level you are aiming for. Our teachers will do everything in their power to guide and assist you in your learning process. We also know that by registering to our academy, you are fully committed to succeeding. In fact, thanks to our method and our approach, our success rate is one of the highest in our field.
  • This is why we give a guarantee of success.


You will succeed if you:

  • Attend all the classes.
  • Are punctual.
  • Do each exercise given by the teacher in class or as homework.
  • Train yourself in the ILAB.
  • Actively participate in class and agree to follow all our teachers’ learning guidelines.
  • Respect your commitment to practicing the target language as often as possible and not using your mother tongue during your stay at our academy.
  • Attend all the optional courses offered in the target language by ALC Montreal (Café Linguistique, Civilization classes…).
  • We can provide you with extra hours of practical courses free of charge, according to your linguistic weaknesses.
  • We doubt one could do more to guarantee your Progress & Efficiency!



Agenda of programs offered


Calendar of Programs offer

Why ALC ?



You will learn the target language in an environment where you will have ample opportunity to put it into practice. This will allow you to quickly gain a high level of competence in the language you seek to learn.



No matter your language level, the programs offered by our school, which are based on your desire to learn, guarantee strong and durable language skills.



Based on interactions between teachers and students, our interactive, effective and encouraging teaching technique motivates learners to naturally develop their oral and written capabilities.


Learning a language at ALC is done in the targeted language only, because this is the language you wish to perfect.



During your stay at ALC you will be guided by competent and experienced teachers whose objective is to see you succeed.


All our teachers have received a university education and are native speakers.


Dynamic team

Administration as well as teachers will work hard to ensure your stay at ALC is a true success and up to your standards.


A " plus " on your CV

ALC’s courses help to prepare you for the TOEFL IBT, TOEIC, TFI and TCF, which are officially recognized exams for acceptance to universities and various companies and international public institutions’ personnel recruitment.



We regularly integrate new themes in our courses which are always linked to everyday reality.



You may choose the dates and length of your stay, as well as the program adapted to your needs and availability



ALC offers you all the necessary help concerning your Visa form, Immigration interview and official exam registration for university applications or any other superior or professional teaching institute.


Free courses

Aside from the courses you will be registered for, you will also benefit from free courses each month: phonetics, civilisation, casual conversation, and role plays of difficult situations.


Language laboratory

Based on an average of 5 hours per week, the interactive program offered by ALC is an excellent complimentary tool for learning a language, for it allows you to rapidly improve your vocabulary as well as your pronunciation. Offered in English, Spanish and Mandarin.


Rich and varied programs

No matter why you must or want to learn a language (university, professional studies, business promotion, stay abroad…), ALC offers you programs adapted to your goals.


Excellent quality/price ratio:

ALC offers top quality courses at a preferential price to its local and international clientele. At ALC, all you need to concentrate on are your studies.


In conclusion, choosing ALC means choosing experienced professionals.


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