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The Academy

We offer a service and quality focused on practicality and effectiveness.

The Charlemagne Language Academy specializes in teaching the two languages ​​of Quebec: French and English, as well as exam preparation.



Your assessment is important when you register. If you are not evaluated properly, you cannot achieve your desired progress. Therefore, it is essential that you make some time to take the test online.


Your assessment is important when you register. If you are not evaluated properly, you cannot achieve your desired progress. Therefore, it is essential that you make some time to take the test online.


Your assessment is important when you register. If you are not evaluated properly, you cannot achieve your desired progress. Therefore, it is essential that you make some time to take the test online.


Der Einstufungstest in ihrer Zielsprache ist der wichtigste Anhaltspunkt bei ihrer Einschreibung. Wenn Sie falsch bewertet werden, werden Sie nicht den gewünschten Fortschritt erhalten. It is also very important that you know what you are doing in Minuten Zeit Nehmen.


DFP preparation


Methods that have proven themselves

Our Methodology

  • Mnemonic

    Associating an image with a word may sound easy, but to associate an idea or opinion to an image and moreover to translate it, is to speak fluently. We employ techniques to teach you without the use of your mother tongue. It's all possible at ALC Montreal.

  • I

    Interacting in a context appropriate to real life makes it easy to memorize vocabulary and gain self-confidence. ALC offers this training through role playing and games.

  • iLab

    An essential tool to strengthen your vocabulary memory is sound association. ALC offers all students access to a language lab which is free of charge to all students enrolled in a course.

  • Dynamic teachers

    We have one goal: your success. ALC Montreal guides you with our competent and experienced teachers whose mission is your success by using fun and interactive techniques to facilitate learning the target language.

Why choose ALC Montreal?

Our strong points

Evolution and progress

Whatever your level

We regularly incorporate new themes into our courses.

Your learning stays close to the real world.


Your premium choice

You choose the dates and the length of your stay.

As well as the program adapted to your objectives according to your availabilities

Various programs

Adapted to your goals

Whatever your language needs; university, professional use, or a stay abroad, we have you covered.

Price quality

Always a little more

ALC is committed to offering local and international clients quality courses at a preferential price. At ALC, we want you to focus on learning.

A plus on your resume

A recognized name

Intensive ALC courses will prepare you for the TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, TFI and TEF official exams which are recognized for university entry and by many international companies and institutions in staff recruitment.

Language laboratory

5h per week

The interactive program offered by ALC is an excellent complementary tool to language learning because it allows you to quickly improve vocabulary memorization and your pronunciation.

Free courses

Discover more

You benefit, every month, of course of phonetics, civilization, lfamiliar narration, role playing in difficult situations in addition to the courses you are enrolled in.


Total integration

You will learn the target language in a comfortable environment that allows you to seize every opportunity to practice and communicate both inside and outside the school.

Your confidence and your satisfaction are important to us.

Student testimonials

Hello Madam Toitot,

I introduce myself Adam MOUSTAPHA. It has been more than a year since I completed my TOEFL preparation at your ALC language school in Montreal. I wanted to thank you and your entire team for the special attention you paid me during my stay.
Last year, I got a very satisfying 90 score on my TOEFL test that allowed me to leave as I wanted in an interuniversity exchange in Shanghai at Fudan University this year. I am now in Master 1 International Economics always in the University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. I hope you are well.


My Spanish teacher, Carlos, was excellent. The ALC administration staff gave me a warm welcome and the flexibility of appointments I was looking for.
Pierre-Antoine P. from Montreal
Nervous and anxious to pass the TFI to enter university I took private lessons at ALC Montreal. My teacher encouraged me and her classes were good, but the support that made the difference came from the director of studies, she gave me training tests and supported me, talked to me and listened to because I was very nervous when I had to pass the official test. Results: 890. Thank you ALC.
Cristina C. from Montreal
I spent two summers in Montreal and each time I enrolled in ALC Montreal, the first time for English classes, the second time: English classes and TOEFL iBT preparation. They were great. The very competent and dynamic teachers and the helpful administration and always there for me. I liked and I managed my TOEFL!
Adam.M from France
I took a chance and took French classes at ALC. The teacher was always very well prepared and very organized. The warm and friendly help from the administration employees made me want to register again on my next trip to Montreal.
Rita B. from Spain
I spent 4 oral comprehension of TEFaQ, each time I missed the test by a few points. The director of studies had already advised me to take a few hours of preparation because I was blocking, I did not want to listen to it, but after 4 failures I did it. The few hours of private lessons gave me the confidence to handle the test stress better. Unfortunately, I still failed! The director offered me a week of free group classes thanks to the guarantee of success. After the fifth time: I succeeded! Thanks to ALC, thanks to you, I was able to pass the TEFaQ and thank you to the teachers: very good and very patient.
Mohamed. K. from Montreal
I took advantage of my trip to Canada, specifically to Montreal to register for French courses at ALC Montreal. Warm and friendly welcome. Good atmosphere and good organization of the courses. Professional and flexible in the schedules, which helped me because I had to leave often during my classes. I loved it.
Rebecka D. from Switzerland
Small groups and sometimes semi-private or private courses at no additional cost. We are progressing quickly. Management ensures that the course is effective and that the level is reached. Well structured and well organized. I learned a lot.
Madonna B. from United States
The learning method makes all the difference. We learn, we progress from day to day. Few activities after class, but when you leave class you talk. ALC has decided to focus on effective learning. I was a little disappointed at first, but I quickly realized that I was progressing there faster than in other schools where I went before and that offered me programs and activities. I passed my TOEIC with English classes at ALC Montreal.
Emilio Amat. PSM Mexico