Chill & Chat The Linguistic Café of ALC Montreal

Le Virtual Linguistic Café AC Montreal is a weekly multilingual meeting where you practice French and / or English, led by an ALC teacher. It allows you to quickly make new friends and to talk on the loose with natives outside of class. The more we speak, the better we speak and the better we pronounce! so don't hesitate: Come talk to the ALC team.

It is a space of linguistic exchange, where one can practice English, French and that in an informal and relaxed way. It is a real virtual conversation workshop that allows you to practice the foreign languages ​​that interest you by practicing what you have learned in class. You will play games, quizzes, and speak with students from all over the world!

Lhe practice of a foreign language is essential for the acquisition of a second language. It is very important to be able to speak with native speakers. Ideal for all those who do not dare or who still dare, but want to speak even more!

Lexchange with native foreigners, not teachers, brings you vocabulary, fluency, a better ear: all aspects of intercultural communication, which are learned only through contact with native speakers and which are essential to be truly at fluent in the language which is not your mother tongue.

En this period of COVID-19 crisis, ALC Montreal remains close to all its students and to all of its official test candidates, stay at home, do your brain sport while having fun and good company!