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5 interesting facts about German


Among the languages ​​that we define as impressive and which seem difficult to learn, German definitely carves out a place in the choices at the top of the list. For its history, the tone and the complexity of the German language, it is also and above all one of the most interesting languages ​​to study, if only to learn more about the people and the culture that speaks this language. If you are curious about this language and those who speak it, here are some interesting facts that might make you want to explore the subject even more and who knows? Maybe [...]

5 interesting facts about German2018-01-18T09:48:52-05:00

Practice Mandarin daily, one word at a time


It's hard to know where to start when deciding to learn something new, especially a language as difficult as Mandarin. That's why you need to find easy and fun learning tools every day. It is possible to do this by taking courses, such as those offered by the Académie Linguistique Charlemagne, but beyond the time spent in class, when practice becomes necessary to put new knowledge to good use, small games with objectives is one of the good techniques to adopt. For example, that of practicing a few words forming a small sentence in [...]

Practice Mandarin daily, one word at a time2019-10-11T04:37:17-04:00



English and French are two distinct languages—there's no denying it. However, the majority of people who speak both languages ​​have a tendency of mixing them together. Some words, for example, come to mind easier in one language than another. Sometimes, this is done out of habit or simple reflex. Certain English terms are so common, especially in movies, media, book titles, and road signs, that we've become accustomed to using them regardless of which language we speak. This language has adopted a new term: “Franglais.” A question comes to our minds as a result of this reflection: is “Franglais,” more common [...]


Fall in love with a foreign language: Spanish


The fact that Spanish is one of the most popular foreign languages ​​people want to learn is not a coincidence. Most bilingual people who speak English and French then turn to Spanish; since mastering these three languages ​​gives you the ability to communicate with people in all corners of the world. Spanish, undeniably, is an attractive and warm Latin language. If you have already mastered English and French, don't hesitate to add another language to your repertoire. Take Spanish language courses at Montreal's Académie Linguistique Charlemagne (ALC). A Language Easy to Understand It is no secret that the resemblance between Spanish [...]

Fall in love with a foreign language: Spanish2017-12-27T13:04:33-05:00

German: “The Sister “Language of English


Are you bilingual and looking to learn a new language—one that isn't English or French? There are so many complex, fascinating languages ​​that it can be difficult to choose just one. If you can master the English language, then learning German will be a breeze. In Quebec, particularly in Montreal, English and French are two indispensable languages. When it comes to learning a new language, we sometimes shy away at the idea of ​​launching ourselves into a completely foreign world, and one that is out of our comfort zone. Whether you are Anglophone, Francophone, or bilingual, German is a perfect and [...]

German: “The Sister “Language of English2017-12-21T11:06:02-05:00

Learning Mandarin: It's Easier Than You Think


There are languages ​​that intrigue us, impress us, and make us want to learn them. Although learning a new language can be intimidating, difficult, and may at times seem impossible, with the right tools and instruction, there are no limits to learning a new language. Mandarin, perhaps, is one of those languages ​​you might like to learn. Whether it is for practical reasons, or simply because you want to learn a new, exciting language, the Académie Linguistique Charlemagne (ALC) offers courses to help you easily and enjoyably learn Mandarin. You Have to Want it Do you like to visit Chinatown on [...]

Learning Mandarin: It's Easier Than You Think2017-12-14T11:48:09-05:00

How to Prepare for the TECFEE


Teaching is a sought-after profession, but the path to getting there can be tough. For many, the most difficult step comes in the form of a French language exam, called the TECFÉE. The test became a requirement in fall 2008 for those wishing to pursue French education programs in universities across Quebec. To succeed on your first try, it is imperative to be well prepared. According to the TECFÉE guide, the goal of the test is to ensure that the quality of candidates' written language is up to par. The test comprises two sections: an objective questionnaire and a drafting test, [...]

How to Prepare for the TECFEE2017-10-03T13:49:15-04:00

The best way to prepare for TECFÉE


When studying at university to become a teacher, there are several decisive steps to take. From admission to university in the desired program, to obtaining internships and a job in the field of education, through passing compulsory tests, in particular the TECFÉE. The written French certification test for teaching is one of the most stressful for all students wishing to obtain their diploma and above all, the legal authorization to teach. This is why it is essential to be well prepared and to get the necessary support to pass the TECFÉE from the first try. Since the fall of 2008, the success of the [...]

The best way to prepare for TECFÉE2017-09-22T10:11:47-04:00

Preparing for Your Required French Exams


To be fully prepared to meet the important French tests during your academic or professional journey, or your immigration to Canada. To get into a university, or to land your dream job, excellent results in several French tests are needed. It can be scary and stressful to prepare for these exams, which can change your future. There is already plenty of stress surrounding admission into higher education, internships, or applying for future careers. Don't add another worry, and be perfectly prepared for French exams such as the TFI, TEF – TEFaQ, the TECFEE, the CEFRANC and the OQLF exam by taking [...]

Preparing for Your Required French Exams2017-08-28T13:56:39-04:00

How to prepare for your required French exams


To be prepared to face the important French tests during your student, professional or immigration course in Canada To access the University or get the job of your dreams, having good results in several French tests is required. It is sometimes dizzying and stressful to prepare for these exams, which are decisive for your future. There are enough worries about getting into graduate school, getting internships, or waiting around when applying for a future job. Do not burden yourself with extra stress and be well trained for the [...]

How to prepare for your required French exams2017-08-28T13:47:29-04:00
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