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TOEIC Information


Information about the TOEIC Test of English for international communication THE TOEIC (Test of English for international communication) is the most recognized and well-known test worldwide. It is requested by many universities, but also recognized in countless companies and….. by companies that haven't thought of asking you… too! Indeed, insert a TOEIC result (minimum B2 or advanced intermediate) in your CV and you will see the smile of the HR grow bigger!!!. How is the TOEIC test presented? The TOEIC offers [...]

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TFI Information


Information on the TFI International French Test The TFI (International French Test) is required as an entrance exam to many universities and colleges in order to follow a program in French. The TFI has become a classic among French language tests and is one of the few tests that does not include Oral Expression or Written Expression! Don't wait for HR to ask you to validate your French knowledge, add a plus to your CV and immediately insert your TFI score, the interview will be even more positive! What does the TFI test look like? THE [...]

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TOEIC preparation course


Preparation for the TOEIC Test Académie Linguistique Charlemagne The TOEIC* (Test of English for International Communication) is used by companies and schools as an indication of the level of professional English. Large companies use this test directly in their recruitment methods. With proper preparation, you'll master the tactics that will help boost your score. ALC Montreal is the official test center for the TOEIC in Montreal PRICE and registration This means that you will take the exam where you prepared for it. This is an advantage because you have your habits there. You know how long [...]

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We publish new dates for the TEFAQ exams every week. You will find these dates and the prices of the exams on our website here. ALC Montreal also helps you get the best grades in exams thanks to our specialized courses, given by TEFAQ teacher examiners. You will find information on our preparation courses for the TEFAQ exams here.

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TEF preparation course


The TEF is a language test used to assess the level of understanding and expression of people whose mother tongue is not French. This test is used for immigration to Quebec and is the only one accepted for the federal skilled worker program. In addition, the TEF including the two oral tests (comprehension and expression) is required to obtain Canadian citizenship. Standardized test, giving reliable scores regardless of the version of the test, it measures French skills according to a scale continuous scores.It is aimed at people from beginner to advanced levels, of all professions and [...]

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TEF Canada and TEFAQ: Presentation


Hello and well done! You have decided to take the TEF Canada or TEFaQ test (Test for the evaluation of French adapted to Quebec) As we are here to help you, let us explain to you how the test will take place. There are four (4) tests, two of which are compulsory: OBLIGATORY ORAL TESTS Oral comprehension (CO)…

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Texts and videos for the preparation of the TEF Canada / TEFaQ


Text 1: Cycling for a cleaner city This weekend is the 19th edition of the cycling festival! The opportunity to remember that cycling is good for your health, good for the environment… and rather fast, over short distances! Whether for leisure, for sport or for…

Texts and videos for the preparation of the TEF Canada / TEFaQ2020-04-29T09:41:50-04:00

What are the TEFaQ tests?


What are the TEFaQ tests? The TEFaQ consists of 4 modules: · Oral comprehension: duration 40 minutes and 60 questions · Oral expression: duration 15 minutes and 2 subjects to do · Written comprehension: duration 60 minutes and 50 questions · Written expression: duration 60 minutes and 2 subjects to do TEFaQ Montreal A certificate of results will then be sent to you. The TEFaQ earns points according to the scale below: Main applicant 16 points maximum A1 to B1 B2 C1 C2 Oral comprehension 40 min 0 point 5 points 6 points 7 points Oral expression 15 min 0 [...]

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