When studying at university to become a teacher, there are several decisive steps to take. From admission to university in the desired program, to obtaining internships and a job in the field of education, through passing compulsory tests, in particular the TECFÉE. The written French certification test for teaching is one of the most stressful for all students wishing to obtain their diploma and above all, the legal authorization to teach. This is why it is essential to be well prepared and to get the necessary support to pass the TECFÉE from the first try.

Since the fall of 2008, passing the TECFÉE is mandatory in order to pursue studies in all teacher training programs at French-speaking Quebec universities. This aims to “ensure the quality of the written language of candidates for teaching” (excerpt from the TECFÉE, CÉFRANC preparation guide). The test is constructed in two parts; an objective questionnaire, as well as a writing test, both with a pass mark of 70%, except for the Bachelor's degree in teaching English as a second language and the Bachelor's degree in vocational and technical education, which is set at 55%. The TECFÉE must be passed before obtaining a third internship during the university course of students and after three attempts, it is no longer possible to retake the exam.

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In addition to the preparation documents provided by higher education establishments and those available on the CÉFRANC website itself, students do not, most of the time, have enough tools to practice concretely at TECFÉE and above all, to do it with a teacher who takes the time to prepare them according to their individual needs. The Charlemagne Linguistic Academy of Montreal thus offers preparation courses that are perfectly adapted to provide you with the support you need to succeed without difficulty, using educational tools and appropriate strategies for revision. In addition, ALC Montreal professionals follow up on your progress, as well as practice exams guaranteeing noticeable improvement while giving you confidence in your abilities.

The teachers who accompany you during your preparation for the TECFÉE do so effectively, focusing on the necessary knowledge, the management of your stress, your time and your way of approaching the exam with strategic and adapted tools. After passing a specific evaluation test in order to access the ACL Montreal preparation course, requiring a prior level in written French, it is possible to choose two types of preparatory courses. Group lessons, including 36 hours of academic lessons or personalized private lessons allowing you, among other things, rapid learning, the supervision necessary for your progress, as well as exam simulations focused on the important points of the TECFÉE, that is to say, the spelling, the vocabulary, the definition of expressions and the correction of Anglicisms and more particularly, the syntax, the grammar, the punctuation and the revision of errors and all these essential details which you should pay attention to during the examination. Thus, you could not be better prepared to face one of the most important tests of your course and necessary for the exercise of your future profession of teacher.

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