Quebec Office of the French language


OQLF in Montreal - Preparation for the exam of the Quebec office of the French language at ALC Who must take the OQLF exam? Professionals ! Doctors - Lawyers - Pharmacists - Veterinarians - Accountants and others. Professional orders can only issue permits to people who have a knowledge of the official language appropriate to the practice of their profession. (Charter of the French language, art. 35) This is why this exam must be prepared in a way that is adapted to each person's respective professional sector. Preparation for the OQFL exam Bet on professionals, when your future depends on your success!!! TOEFL iBT preparation course [...]

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CEFRANC preparation course


Preparation for the CÉFRANC at ALC Montréal (Performance tests in written French for teaching) School boards have adopted a human resources staffing policy making it mandatory to pass a test used to measure the quality of written French for access positions in the education sector. The Céfranc is one of the compulsory tests requested. Being a Céfranc holder is a condition for pursuing studies in all teacher training programs in French-speaking Quebec universities in order to obtain the teaching certificate. The purpose of this test is "to ensure the quality of the written language [...]

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TFI test preparation course


Preparation for the TFI Test at ALC Montreal (International French Test) The International French Test (TFI) assesses and certifies the ability of non-French speakers to communicate in French in a professional context and during international exchanges. Standardized test, giving reliable scores whatever the version of the test, it measures French skills according to a continuous scale of scores. It is aimed at people from beginner to advanced levels, of all professions and socio-professional categories. No specialized knowledge or vocabulary is necessary, except the usual vocabulary, used daily within the framework of the [...]

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