TFI test preparation course


Preparation for the TFI Test at ALC Montreal (International French Test) The International French Test (TFI) assesses and certifies the ability of non-French speakers to communicate in French in a professional context and during international exchanges. Standardized test, giving reliable scores whatever the version of the test, it measures French skills according to a continuous scale of scores. It is aimed at people from beginner to advanced levels, of all professions and socio-professional categories. No specialized knowledge or vocabulary is necessary, except the usual vocabulary, used daily within the framework of the [...]

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French courses in Montreal


Learn French in Montreal: Standard and specific language Course: Français FLE At ALC, you will learn international French with native teachers. Many students think that coming to Quebec to learn French means learning a dialect specific to La Belle Province and that their acquired knowledge will only be usable in a Quebec environment. These rumors are false, if the inhabitants of Quebec hold a language resulting from their culture, the other French speakers do the same, If it is true that car is also called "auto" or "char" in Quebec, the people of Brussels will inform you that your purchase is costing you [...]

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