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Information about the TOEIC Test of English for international communication THE TOEIC (Test of English for international communication) is the most recognized and well-known test worldwide. It is requested by many universities, but also recognized in countless companies and….. by companies that haven't thought of asking you… too! Indeed, insert a TOEIC result (minimum B2 or advanced intermediate) in your CV and you will see the smile of the HR grow bigger!!!. How is the TOEIC test presented? The TOEIC offers [...]

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TFI Information


Information on the TFI International French Test The TFI (International French Test) is required as an entrance exam to many universities and colleges in order to follow a program in French. The TFI has become a classic among French language tests and is one of the few tests that does not include Oral Expression or Written Expression! Don't wait for HR to ask you to validate your French knowledge, add a plus to your CV and immediately insert your TFI score, the interview will be even more positive! What does the TFI test look like? THE [...]

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We publish new dates for the TEFAQ exams every week. You will find these dates and the prices of the exams on our website here. ALC Montreal also helps you get the best grades in exams thanks to our specialized courses, given by TEFAQ teacher examiners. You will find information on our preparation courses for the TEFAQ exams here.

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TEF Canada and TEFAQ: Presentation


Hello and well done! You have decided to take the TEF Canada or TEFaQ test (Test for the evaluation of French adapted to Quebec) As we are here to help you, let us explain to you how the test will take place. There are four (4) tests, two of which are compulsory: OBLIGATORY ORAL TESTS Oral comprehension (CO)…

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Texts and videos for the preparation of the TEF Canada / TEFaQ


Text 1: Cycling for a cleaner city This weekend is the 19th edition of the cycling festival! The opportunity to remember that cycling is good for your health, good for the environment… and rather fast, over short distances! Whether for leisure, for sport or for…

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What are the TEFaQ tests?


What are the TEFaQ tests? The TEFaQ consists of 4 modules: · Oral comprehension: duration 40 minutes and 60 questions · Oral expression: duration 15 minutes and 2 subjects to do · Written comprehension: duration 60 minutes and 50 questions · Written expression: duration 60 minutes and 2 subjects to do TEFaQ Montreal A certificate of results will then be sent to you. The TEFaQ earns points according to the scale below: Main applicant 16 points maximum A1 to B1 B2 C1 C2 Oral comprehension 40 min 0 point 5 points 6 points 7 points Oral expression 15 min 0 [...]

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The French Evaluation Test for access to Quebec is a general French exam. Its objective is to gauge the degree of comprehension and competence in French. It is the transposition of the TEF recognized by the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) of Quebec. It is essential to make an official immigration request. To claim maximum points when your results are announced, it is advisable to take the oral comprehension and expression tests. If your writing level is advanced, also present all the written tests. How [...]




Mnemonic To associate an image with a word, it's easy do you think, but to associate an idea, an opinion with an image and moreover transcribe it, that is to say make a correct sentence in the past or the future without speaking his mother tongue in class: impossible … do you think! Not with ALC Montreal. Motivated and 'coached' by our experienced and dynamic teachers, you will be able to participate actively from the beginner level by interacting without difficulty. The introduction of vocabulary and syntax through the use of Questions - Answers will allow you to quickly and easily memorize the vocabulary and syntax necessary to express yourself [...]


iLab – Language laboratory


An essential tool for consolidating the memory of words associated with their sound. ALC offers all its students an INTERACTIVE AND FUN PLATFORM FOR HOURS AND HOURS OF TRAINING, the use of which is included in the package for all students enrolled in a course program. The more you practice the target language, the more you will memorize the vocabulary and be able to understand a native. Many students think that memorizing word lists gives them an advantage. Certainly learning vocabulary to express oneself with all those around us does not matter, the context is undoubtedly [...]

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5 interesting facts about German


Among the languages ​​that we define as impressive and which seem difficult to learn, German definitely carves out a place in the choices at the top of the list. For its history, the tone and the complexity of the German language, it is also and above all one of the most interesting languages ​​to study, if only to learn more about the people and the culture that speaks this language. If you are curious about this language and those who speak it, here are some interesting facts that might make you want to explore the subject even more and who knows? Maybe [...]

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