Preparation course for the French DFP secretariat

from $ 470 per week

The program corresponds to a set of relational, administrative and commercial tasks commonly performed in the field of secretarial work and ...

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  • 20 hours of intensive course per week. with teacher (standard FLE Morning: 15pm in a small group Teacher + Exercise platform) + (DFP afternoon -5H in private - 3 classes / week teacher + 5H Platform)
  • 8 weeks / level = 240H of training / learning (160H Teacher + 80H or + unlimited platform - training - homework)
  • Monday to Friday
  • 9: 10 to 12: 00 + 13: 10 to 15: 00 & 13:10 to 14:35
  • Progress test at the end of the 4st(minimum registration: 4 weeks)
  • Blank test at the end of the 6st
  • Official DFP of the Secretariat at the end of the 8th
  • Levels offered :: B1 & B2
  • Training duration per level: 8 weeks / level
  • Ref. : DFPSEC20 online
  •  Cost : 470 / week + Application fees (support - platform - registration fees: $ 205 / level) of the DFP Secretariat - Administration: Levels: B1 - B2:: 390$


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More information

Program :

It corresponds to a set of relational, administrative and commercial tasks commonly performed in the field of the secretariat and the administration. It is at the interface of the standard language and the language of specialty and includes 4 language skills essential to this area of ​​specialization. To achieve his goal the candidate will have to master the levels B1 / B2.

Who is the Secretariat's DFP for?

To all students or professionals as an administrative manager or any other related work in the organization and administrative management of a company who must interact and communicate in French in a professional context and who wish to enhance their CV with a diploma recognized in the world professional and validating their language skills.

What are the prerequisites for registering for this DFP preparation program?

  • 16 years minimum at the start of the program.
  • General education level: End of secondary school
  • Be able to write a text on a computer and navigate a software.
  • Have a theoretical knowledge of the realities of the professional world.
  • French level prerequisite: A2

Participants in this course will learn how to handle documentation that can relate to the following areas:

  • Use of practical documents
  • Writing of letters and administrative or commercial documents
  • Summarize texts: advertising, commercial documentation, meeting minutes etc.
  • Respond to foreign suppliers, customers and visitors regarding the company's services
  • Following a presentation, an address or a speech
  • Establish general and professional telephone contacts

After registering for this course, you will receive the exact details of the course program adapted to your level of French.