Congratulation! You have just started the procedure to become a Canadian Citizen.

Do you know how this procedure works?

Apart from the official request made to the Immigration services, you will have to pass an exam on your knowledge of your adopted country: Canada.

The questions on this exam will focus on the following topics :

  • The Canadian government
  • Canadian personalities
  • Important and historical dates in Canada
  • historical events
  • The electoral system
  • Geography
  • Miscellaneous facts about Canadian society and general information

Did you know ?

  1. The total population of the three Canadian territories is: 10.000000 or 100.00?
  2. What do Canadians normally wear on Remembrance Day? A red poppy or a black tie? These questions are undoubtedly easy for someone living for several years in Canada and for you? Are they? If yes, continue:
  3.  In what year was the Charter of Rights and Freedoms added to the constitution? 1982 or 1905?

Answers: 100.00 – a red poppy – 1982

Who should take this test? Applicants for Canadian Citizenship

This Canadian citizenship test is a must and must be passed by answering 15/20 Q.

And you? What do you think ? If the guide issued by the government does not do the job, contact ALC Montreal for training adapted to your needs and your availability.

What ALC Montreal offers you:

  • A preparation course covering all the recurring questions asked on the citizenship test.
  • A playful and interactive approach allowing you to easily memorize this information.
  • 4 simulation tests so that you are ready on D-Day.
  • 1 training / month face-to-face / online
  • Duration 4 weeks = 4 classes = 10 hours in a small group
  • Day and times: Monday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Training in French: group
  • English training: individual course (info at 514 844 4849 ext. 201)

Cost: $99 +tx/person/session.

Terms :

Anyone aged 16 and over can enroll in this course.

Fee payment: $99 + tax

If registration more than 14 working days before the start of the training: payment in 2 installments: 50% – 50%

The last payment must be made 10 working days before the start date of the training.

Cancelation :

  • between 9 and 2 working days before the start: $35 non-refundable (application fee) difference refundable by ALC Montreal
  • less than 2 working days before the start date of the training: no refund.

Absence: participants must start training at the times mentioned and in case of absence no resumption of class possible.

Important: the results obtained in the simulation test during the ALC Montreal training can in no way replace the passing of the citizenship test required by the Canadian government.