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The immigration interview is the final step so really put the odds on your side to show the Immigration officer that your level of French is acceptable for obtaining your PR card.


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SINCE 2015!


Congratulations, you have obtained B2 – B2 on the TEFaQ or TCFaQ and the next step is approaching:

Face-to-face interview with an immigration officer.

Not everyone has to pass this interview! It's true, but people who have passed the French test several times have a good chance of being called by immigration to have an interview with an agent.

When the invitation letter arrives, there are only a few days, maybe weeks left to prepare and very often that is not enough!

The interview is not about guessing what the agent is asking or imagining an appropriate response! And if the French test can be taken and retaken until you obtain the famous B2-B2, this is not the case for the interview , you have a chance in some cases, a second chance, but no guarantee let the second interview be offered!

If you too have invested time, effort and money to obtain B2-B2 in the French test, you know that the interview is the ultimate step so really put the odds on your side to show the agent the Immigration that your level of French is acceptable for obtaining your PR card !!

ALC Montreal offers personalized preparation for your answers. Indeed, this interview is based on answers that only you know because they concern your origins, your background and your goals.


• Lesson of 10 hours minimum in private with a specialized teacher
• Recording of your answers so that you can revise correctly
• Classes face-to-face or online via Zoom


Registration :

Presentation of your B2-B2 certificate
Oral test for assessment of weak points
Face-to-face on our premises or by using the link.

Cost: $499 / 10 hour individual session

Normally if your level is really B2-B2, 10 hours of preparation will be more than enough, but you may have forgotten your French a little and in this case ALC Montreal will determine the number of hours required.

Deadline for registration: 8 days before the start date of the course

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