Class days :

Monday Wednesday Friday

Schedules : 9:05 – 11:30

Level Prerequisites according to objective :

  • A1 = HSK1
  • A2 = HSK2
  • B1 = HSK3
  • B2 = HSK4
  • C1 = HSK5
  • C2 = HSK6

Test practice : out of class

Number of learning hours:

HSK36 Hybrid Session : 30 hours with teacher + 6 hours and more consolidation (platform)

Mastering the Chinese language is a very subjective thing, ALC Montreal offers courses introducing a description of the HSK test and strategies for answering questions relating to the six HSK levels, explaining what you can do at each level. HSK is a test that does not include oral expression.

  • HSK 1 – The candidate can use basic simple vocabulary.
  • HSK 2 – The candidate can understand and interact on everyday topics in a known context.
  • HSK 3 – The candidate can handle basic communications relating to daily life, study, work and travel.
  • HSK 4 – Candidate can communicate on a fairly wide range of topics and interact fluently with native speakers
  • HSK 5 – The candidate can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, understand films and television shows, and write and deliver a coherent statement.
  • HSK 6 – The candidate can easily understand what he reads and hears without being concerned himself. he can express himself easily in writing and orally as well.