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Can I take ACL Montreal Hybrid classes if I live outside of Canada?2023-04-19T13:49:26-04:00

Of course, our courses are open to everyone from 16 years old.

What is the deadline for registering for a group course?2023-04-19T13:50:14-04:00

As soon as possible to be sure to be able to participate in the course because the groups are small – maximum 8 students per group. subject to free places: 2 weeks before the start date of the course

What is the deadline for registering for an individual course?2023-04-19T13:50:09-04:00

At the latest 2 weeks before the desired course start date.

When will I take my assessment test?2023-04-19T13:50:03-04:00

After receiving your registration and payment, we will send you a link to take your online assessment test.

What happens if I don't have the level to take a strategic preparation course?2023-04-19T13:49:56-04:00

ALC Montreal will adjust your course by planning additional course hours either before the start of the strategic preparation course or in parallel. At ALC Montreal, we are aware that very often your schedule has not allowed you to invest in time in language training, so we will offer to help you achieve the objective to the best of our expertise. However, this will depend above all on the starting level and the level to be reached.

What if I can't attend a group class?2023-04-19T13:49:51-04:00

In group lessons, there is no cancellation possible. You are not present, you lose the class.

Can I cancel an individual lesson?2023-04-19T13:49:44-04:00

Yes, provided you notify our secretariat 24 hours before the date of the course and before 3:00 p.m. (Montreal time – Canada)

Can I space out my lessons or take a break in private lessons?2023-04-19T13:49:38-04:00

Yes, of course, but taking a class once every 2 weeks does not bring significant progress and depending on your level we will offer to reorganize your hours in order to allow you to progress properly.

How can I benefit from the Level Achievement Guarantee?2023-04-19T13:49:31-04:00

By following the program prepared for you by ALC Montreal to the letter.
Everything will be checked and supervised by our administration.
• Attend 100% of lessons
• Arrive on time for lessons
• Do all the exercises and homework that teachers give inside and outside of lessons
• Use the ALC platform at least 5 hours a week
• Follow the week /week the program of the platform in accordance with the curriculum given at the beginning of the level
• Participate actively in class and agree to follow the learning guidelines of our teachers
• Respect your commitment to practice the target language to the maximum of your skills and no longer use your mother tongue for the entire duration of your learning at our academy
• We will allow you to follow additional hours of learning free of charge depending on the language weaknesses to be overcome and the option of retaking the level test afterwards.
Regarding the preparation course for official exams such as TEFaQ, TEF CANADA, CELPIP, CAEL, TOEIC, TFI, we will offer you the opportunity to complete your knowledge by adding hours of training and retake the test from 4 to 8 weeks later. You will only have to pay the official test fee. • We don't think we can do better to assure you: Progress & Efficiency

Will I get a visa for Canada by registering at ALC Montreal?2023-04-19T13:47:49-04:00

If you choose a face-to-face course and need to travel, ALC will provide you with a Letter of Acceptance to apply for a temporary visa

How can I register for a course?2023-04-19T13:50:19-04:00

By filling out the form on our website

Who can participate in the Chill & Chat Linguistic Café?2023-04-19T13:48:33-04:00

All students registered and taking courses at the time of their participation in the Linguistic Café.
Please note that a minimum of 5 people is required. Otherwise, the Chill & Chat is cancelled. The Chill & Chat is recommended by the teachers and you must attend if you want to validate the Level Success Guarantee. However, in the event of cancellation, you will not be penalized and ALC Montreal reserves the right to assign you another exercise to replace the Linguistic Café if necessary.

What equipment is required to participate in the Hybrid courses, ALC Montreal?2023-04-19T13:49:17-04:00

A computer
an integrated camera
a camera added to the computer
a Skype account
a Zoom account

If I don't want to plug in my camera on the day of class, can I attend classes?2023-04-19T13:49:10-04:00

No, these lessons with the teacher are virtual classroom lessons and therefore the camera must be connected at all times

Will I have a certificate at the end of the course?2023-04-19T13:49:00-04:00

Yes, all students receive a certificate at the end of the session indicating the courses taken and the level.

How can I pay for my lessons?2023-04-19T13:48:54-04:00

Online with your invoice, you receive the information to pay via Credit card – Paypal or bank transfer. Our rates are in $CAD and we must receive the exact amount mentioned on the invoice. All transfer costs are the responsibility of the student. If additional costs were to occur, ALC Montreal would inform the student who would have to pay the costs to ALC Montreal

How will I receive the educational material?2023-04-19T13:48:48-04:00

Through your email. Everything is digitized or in PDF. – For the platform you receive a code

What is the time zone for class times?2023-04-19T13:48:21-04:00

Canadian and more specifically Montreal click on this link for more details and to calculate the time difference between your time zone and that of Montreal in Canada.

Where to take the TOEIC in Montreal?2022-02-28T12:04:23-05:00

The TOEIC takes place at our Montreal ALC Center at the following address:

3565 rue Berri Place du Cercle – Suite 200 Montreal, Quebec, H2L 4G3, Canada

What level do you need to have to pass the TOEIC?2022-02-28T13:48:24-05:00

Strictly speaking, there is no level. You can take the TOEIC at any time. Then the score obtained validates your level of English. It all depends on the level you are asked for for a job or studies:

  • Level A1 corresponds to the maximum TOEIC score of 120 points
  • Level A2 corresponds to a score between 120 and 225 points
  • Level B1 corresponds to a score between 550 and 784 points
  • Level B2 corresponds to a score between 785 and 944 points
  • Level C1 corresponds to a score greater than or equal to points
Can I change, cancel my dates or events after registering?2023-04-19T13:51:25-04:00
No, because by reserving your test date and checking off your test(s), you are taking someone else's place. We advise you to think carefully about your personal availability, to read the Information Bulletin carefully and to proceed in full knowledge of the facts before registering online.
What dates are available for TEFAQ in Montreal?2022-02-28T11:59:26-05:00
The calendar in the section: “ RESERVE YOUR PLACE ” is available on the registration form and informs you of the dates and times available.
I prefer to come to the center to register because I am not comfortable with a computer.2023-04-19T13:40:49-04:00
The administration is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday - Cash payments - CC - Debit card
How can I be sure that you have processed my registration?2023-04-19T13:52:19-04:00
The online registration form works as follows:
     a) You choose your test and the papers (if you need help, the Information Bulletin is at your disposal to guide you).
     b) You fill in the civil status form to which you attach the requested identity document.
     c) You access the calendar and choose the test day(s) and the time of the test yourself according to the tests and availability.
     d) You click on: Pay to confirm registration = You pay.
     e) You will receive by email within minutes the confirmation of the day(s) and time of the examination as well as a link to read the candidate's handbook (check SPAM).
If you have followed this procedure from A to Z, you can be sure that your request is processed.
I received an email from ALC asking me to pay via Paypal, but I had already obtained my appointment confirmation.2023-04-19T13:52:11-04:00
At the bottom of the online registration form, you have a rectangle on which you must click: Pay to confirm registration. Some customers skip this part. In order to allow you to finalize your registration and not to lose your date of award, ALC will contact you by sending you a link to make your payment the same day and in complete security via Paypal.
I don't want to attach my copy of passport or permanent residence card, I'm afraid my personal information will be stolen.2023-04-19T13:52:04-04:00
Without the appropriate identity document according to your status, ALC cannot proceed with your registration. We can guarantee that this system is safe.
I don't want to give out my credit card information.2023-04-19T13:51:56-04:00
You do not give any information about your credit card to ALC, you use a Paypal link to pay, which is highly secure.
I registered for TEF/TEFaQ, paid and received my confirmation email, but later received another email informing me that my test date was cancelled. For what ? 2023-04-19T13:51:49-04:00
You have not respected the 30-day waiting period between two examinations for the same test(s). The email informing you of this non-compliance with the deficiency does not come from ALC, but from the CCIP which manages the deadlines. ALC has no influence on this. It is the responsibility of each candidate to respect these deadlines, even if you have previously passed your test or tests in our center, it is impossible for us to calculate this deficiency for you. ALC recommends that applicants add an additional 2-5 days to calculate the deficiency to ensure they are not blocked by the computer system.
I received an email that I had not respected the deficiency, but my friend who passed on the same date as me did not have this deficiency. 2023-04-19T13:51:41-04:00
ALC Montreal does not manage deficiencies because it is not responsible for doing so. (See question 8) The 30-day deficiency is exclusively managed by the CCIP. Before contacting the CCIP on this subject, consider that each case is different and that the files are treated in this context.
What happens if I cannot pass my test due to deficiency?2023-04-19T13:51:33-04:00
You lose your test date and we can no longer give your place to another candidate. In addition, you must re-register yourself at a later date.
Which TEF test should I take?2022-02-28T11:58:59-05:00
We have listed the different testing options according to candidates' objectives in our Information Bulletin :
What will happen if I don't pay after receiving the Paypal link from ALC?2023-04-19T13:51:17-04:00
Your request will not be processed and you will not be registered on the day and at the times requested. You will have to redo your registration according to the procedure (Question 4) taking the risk that the day and times will no longer be available at that time. Please read the answers to question 4.
I don't have a credit card.2023-04-19T13:51:10-04:00
No problem, our system allows you to pay with a debit-visa card online.
I can only pay cash (cash)2023-04-19T13:51:04-04:00
You can use someone else's credit card to make the payment if that helps, however it is essential to add the name of the person taking the test so that we can match the payment to one third to the surname and first name of the registered candidate.
Is there a deadline for registering?2023-04-19T13:50:56-04:00
Our calendar manages this point, but depending on the number of registrations there may be a date shift. You must finalize your registration 8 days before the date you have chosen.
The calendar did not allow me to choose my second time of the day of my handover because the places were no longer available. Example: I was able to choose the tests on the computer but everything was complete for the oral expression. What should I do? 2023-04-19T13:50:51-04:00
Indeed, it is an eventuality that can happen when we set up a computerized system. First come, first served! For all tests whose events are inseparable as clearly explained in the Information Bulletin: https://alcmontreal.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Informations-inscription-TEF.pdf ., you must ensure that the choice of times for all the tests to be taken on the same day are still available, otherwise you must agree to choose another date. Only pay for the proofs that the calendar offers you.
For the TEFaQ tests , this is not a problem because you can take the tests individually. However, make sure you don't pay for 2 events for the same day if you can only take one! The online registration form allows you without any difficulty to go back and modify your choice of event for the day offering availability. You just have to open the part again: CHOOSE YOUR TEF/TEFAQ EXAM in order to modify.
Can I choose any date to take my test?2023-04-19T13:43:14-04:00
ALC Montreal opens dates every 3 months for the TEF TEFaQ. For the TFI-TOEIC-TEF UdeM the dates are planned for the whole year.
I live outside Montreal and its agglomeration or in another province and want to take the TEFaQ at ALC, is it possible to take all my tests on the same day?2023-04-19T13:50:44-04:00
ALC Montreal offers you the possibility of taking all the tests on the same day. Do not hesitate to contact the registration department so that we can help you if necessary at 514 844 4849 ext. 203 or by email: tef@alcmontreal.com
I'm looking for a paper test because I don't know how to use a computer and someone else will do the online registration for me. How can you help me? 2023-04-19T13:46:13-04:00
The TEF TEFaQ are done on the computer except in the case of special arrangements. Contact us if necessary about this.
I have a disability and need a special accommodation for my test.2023-04-19T13:50:36-04:00
ALC is at the entire disposal of its customers to offer an alternative in a specific case. However, before we can respond to you, we need to obtain specific information. Medical certificate from your doctor. Letter from your doctor clearly explaining what it is and what you need. Send us all these documents by email to: tef@alcmontreal.com . We will process your request as quickly as possible. Do not register online until you have received our response.
These FAQs could not answer your question? Contact our administration by email at tef@alcmontreal.com
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