English and French are two distinct languages—there's no denying it. However, the majority of people who speak both languages ​​have a tendency of mixing them together. Some words, for example, come to mind easier in one language than another. Sometimes, this is done out of habit or simple reflex. Certain English terms are so common, especially in movies, media, book titles, and road signs, that we've become accustomed to using them regardless of which language we speak. This language has adopted a new term: “Franglais.”

A question comes to our minds as a result of this reflection: is “Franglais,” more common in France or Quebec?

English in France

Anglicism can be defined as words or phrases borrowed from English and used in a different language. This phenomenon is more common than you think. When analyzing the daily usage of English words of Francophones in France, there is a surprising crossover in vocabulary. For example, the words “parking,” “jeans,” “blazer,” and “week-end camping” are commonly used throughout the French vocabulary. Despite the French accents, which can clearly be heard when English words are spoken aloud by Francophones; these are among words they use on a daily basis.

English in Quebec

Similar to those living in France, Quebecers intertwine many English words into their French vocabulary. In Quebec French, for instance, Francophones will use words like “band,” “show,” “cool,” and “fun,” and describe their vehicles as “trucks” or “pickups.” The major difference between France and the province of Quebec is that it is well known that in Quebec, much of the population is fluent in English, with 9.7% of people speaking English at home.

It's hard to say where the habit of using Anglicism in French is most common, but it seems likely that this phenomenon is more popular in Quebec—a place where the use of English is more widespread. Quebecers are more likely to listen or watch Anglophone content, especially on sites like Netflix, where the original media is most often in English.

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