Standard language – German course

Specific language in individual lesson only

At ALC you can take fun and interactive conversational German lessons.

For people who want to study German in a fun and interactive way. Do not let yourself be impressed by the reputation given to the language of Goethe or Schiller.

The German of today has evolved enormously and our teachers will be able to teach it to you through current vocabulary, contexts of situations recounting scenes from daily life which will help to facilitate your learning and make you smile, because the German is a very rich and nuanced language.

We offer these courses from September to June. The 6 levels offered by our academy are based on levels from A1 to C2 and focus 70% on oral expression and comprehension.

A group course that will give you the opportunity to quickly acquire solid knowledge that you can put into practice during your travels or with friends.

For all those whose schedule only allows them to invest a few hours a week in learning German. This course is ideal for professionals or students wishing to quickly acquire solid oral knowledge.

Based on audiovisual and immersion, this course allows participants to develop their ability to communicate spontaneously with natives of the target language. The vocabulary by theme, taught in a real context, provides learners with solid knowledge which they deepen by practicing role plays, structural exercises based on oral comprehension and expression. Grammar and syntax are transmitted by example through structural and repetitive exercises leading the learner to think in the target language.