With ALC Montreal, you will progress quickly and well with hybrid courses combining hours of intensive lessons with an experienced teacher and personal training via the fun and interactive platform of ALC Montreal.

Depending on the program chosen, the duration to move from one level to another is done in 4 or 8 weeks for the standard language courses and the duration of a test preparation course session is based on 3 weeks. As specialists in teaching foreign languages, we know that our methodology is the key to your success, which is why we are able to guarantee that you will reach the level you are aiming for according to the duration of your registration that our coordinator will recommend. within our academy. Our teachers are committed to you to guide and assist you in your learning work necessary for your success.

We also know that by enrolling in our academy, you are fully motivated to succeed. In fact, thanks to our approach and our method, our success rate is one of the highest on the market .

That's why we simply give you a level pass guarantee

  •  Attend 100% of classes
  •  Arrive on time for lessons
  • Do all the exercises and homework that the teachers give inside and outside of class
  • Use at least 5 hours per week the ALC platform
  • Actively participate in class and agree to follow the learning guidelines of our teachers
  • Respect your commitment to practice the target language to the maximum of your skills and to no longer use your mother tongue for the duration of your learning at our academy
  • We will allow you to take additional hours of learning free of charge depending on the language weaknesses to be overcome and the option of retaking the level test afterwards. Regarding the preparation course for official exams such as TEFaQ, TEF CANADA, CELPIP, CAEL, TOEIC, TFI, we will offer you the opportunity to complete your knowledge and retake the test between 4 and 8 weeks later. You would only have to pay the official test fee
  • We don't think we can do better to assure you: Progress & Efficiency