Teaching is a sought-after profession, but the path to getting there can be tough. For many, the most difficult step comes in the form of a French language exam, called the TECFÉE.

The test became a requirement in fall 2008 for those wishing to pursue French education programs in universities across Quebec. To succeed on your first try, it is imperative to be well prepared.

According to the TECFÉE guide, the goal of the test is to ensure that the quality of candidates' written language is up to par. The test comprises two sections: an objective questionnaire and a drafting test, both with an achievement threshold of 70%. The Bachelor of Teaching English as a Second Language and the Bachelor of Vocational and Technical Education, however, have an achievement threshold set at 55%.

The TECFÉE must be passed before a third stage is awarded during the student's university course. If candidates fail three tests, they may not retake the examination.

For More Resources and Support

Even with preparation materials provided by the CÉFRANC website and graduate institutions, students often do not have sufficient tools to prepare for the TECFÉE. Using educational tools and revision strategies, L’Académie Linguistique Charlemagne (ALC) of Montreal offers preparation courses perfectly adapted to offer you the support you need to succeed. ALC professionals track your progress and provide practice exams guaranteed to help you improve while building confidence.

The teachers who accompany you in preparation for the TECFÉE are efficient, knowledgeable, and will tailor their methods to cater to your individual needs.

After passing an assessment test requiring a preliminary level in written French, candidates can choose between two types of preparatory courses at ACL: group courses, which include 36 hours of academic courses, or one-on-one lessons. Private lessons encourage rapid learning through progress-tracking and mock exams. These focus on key components of the TECFÉE, like spelling, vocabulary, definition and correction of Anglophone expressions, syntax, grammar, punctuation, revision of errors and important details to pay attention to during the examination.

The TECFÉE might be one of the most challenging steps to becoming a teacher.
It is important to get the right education in order to succeed. For more details about preparation courses through ALC Montreal, visit: https://alcmontreal.com/tests-officiels/tecfee/cours-de-preparation/