To be prepared to face important French tests during your student, professional or immigration course in Canada

To go to university or land your dream job, good results on several French tests are required. It is sometimes dizzying and stressful to prepare for these exams, which are decisive for your future. There are enough worries about getting into graduate school, getting internships, or waiting around when applying for a future job. Do not burden yourself with additional stress and be well trained for French exams such as the TFI test, TEFTEF aQ, TECFÉE, CEFRANC and the OQLF exam by taking preparation courses offered at the Charlemagne Linguistic Academy of Montreal.

Preparation for the TFI – International French Test

The university admission process is, for some students, a source of stress that is difficult to manage, especially if they want to obtain a place in a limited program. Most institutions of higher education, UdM, UQAM and the University of Sherbrooke for example, also administer the TFI – est de Français international. The best way to ensure your success is to be well organized. ALC Montreal offers you two options, either intensive preparation for the TFI or a private lesson formula. In both cases, these are formulas adapted to your needs, your pace and your availability.

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Preparation for the TEF- TEFaQ French Evaluation Test and/or French Evaluation Test in Quebec

THE TEF is one of the tests required to enter HEC or other universities located in Europe as well as in Canada. This same test is also required by the ICCRC for all Immigration Consultants. ALCmontréal offers intensive courses every month in groups or privately. Thanks to the curriculum adapted to the specific needs of this test, ALC Montreal obtains a success rate of 95%. One of the variants of this test is the TEFaQ, this exam is required by the Immigration services to make those who wish to apply for a CSQ.

Test preparation for teachers

Studying to become a teacher can be tough and takes a lot of effort, not to mention the internships and mandatory exams like TECFÉE and CEFRANC. Preparation for all these steps is more than essential and it can be difficult to do it alone. That's why ALC Montreal offers preparation courses for these two decisive tests, since the pursuit of your studies depends on it. With the help of experienced teachers, you will be well trained to know the required criteria and thus, will have the necessary skills to succeed without breaking your head by spending hours studying alone in a café or in your room. Opt for the support ALC Montreal can provide and make sure you are ready.

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Preparation for the exam of the Quebec office of the French language

If you are studying to become a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, veterinarian, accountant or for any other profession that is part of a professional order, you know that obtaining your permit depends, among other things, on your skills in the official language, specifically related to the practice of your profession. Thus, preparation for the OQLF exam is more than necessary to ensure your future in the field that interests you. With specialized teachers at ALC Montreal, providing you with essential educational tools adapted to your needs and the content of the exam, you will be confident and will have a much easier time.

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With the countless causes of stress surrounding passing exams of all kinds, investing in your future by taking preparation courses for the TFI, TEF, TEFaQ, TECFÉE, CEFRANC and OQLF exams is a decision that can only be beneficial. The success rate of students who have gone through ALC Montreal reaches 95% in the case of the TFI, TEF Pro-TEFaQ and is similar for all the other tests. Do not deprive yourself of exceptional tools and register now.