An essential tool for consolidating the memory of words associated with their sound. ALC offers all its students an INTERACTIVE AND FUN PLATFORM FOR HOURS AND HOURS OF TRAINING, the use of which is included in the package for all students enrolled in a course program.

The more you practice the target language, the more you will memorize the vocabulary and be able to understand a native. Many students think that memorizing word lists gives them an advantage. Certainly learning vocabulary to express yourself with all those around us regardless, the context is undoubtedly a good thing, but what is the point of all this effort if you do not understand the same word that you had so much trouble to memorize, when a native uses it? And how do you want to communicate with a native if you don't pronounce the famous word as he expects you to pronounce it? What EVIL ... UNDERSTOOD ... in the primary sense of the term!

If, on the other hand, day after day you train your 'ear' in phonetics, in particular by regularly using the ALC PLATFORM included in your course package, you can easily develop your listening to this melody which makes each language unique and if you train to reproduce these sounds which then become words which, when assembled, become sentences, you will communicate and this, without any particular effort and without the frustration of having studied so hard for very few results!