Académie Linguistique Charlemagne INC is a training center approved by Emploi Québec : No. 0055142 

Qualified and experienced trainers 

ALC Montreal teachers have at least 3 years of experience in their teaching sector. Qualified and experienced in teaching their mother tongue as a foreign language, the teachers strive to actively exploit the international composition of the classes, to create a motivating work climate. All teachers at ALC Montreal are of course qualified, but what we are looking for in them cannot be reduced to a diploma: they are chosen for their teaching talent, their ability to combine professionalism and enthusiasm and for the attention that they know how to grant to each student.

Courses adapted to the specific needs of the company

Languages ​​to choose from: French FLE (Francisation) – English ESL – Spanish

We offer German and Mandarin lessons as well

We offer 6 levels from Beginner to Advanced; each level is divided into two sessions of 30 hours each.

The standard course is based on general language learning: writing (comprehension and production) at 30% and oral (comprehension and expression) at 70%. This style of class is suitable for learners who want to expand their knowledge while having the opportunity to practice it in a daily life context.

All levels

This course develops not only your level of language and your facility of expression, but also your communication skills in professional life, for example to take part in meetings, to converse on the telephone or to write reports and letters, e-mails. 'business. These courses are combined with general language courses.

All levels

These courses aim to focus language studies on a specific area. They deal with the specificities of the field of activity such as technical vocabulary, jargon, correspondence, etc. Increasingly appreciated by professionals, the specific courses offer the possibility of acquiring the knowledge necessary to exercise your profession in the foreign language.

Preliminary level to be determined according to the sector chosen.

  • Commercial language: this program takes up in particular the presentation elements of your company, the products or services offered, the various elements of your presentations, commercial offers and your standard contracts. Price negotiation techniques are approached through simulations and role plays.
  • Management: In-depth learning of vocabulary and expressions related to management. The acquired knowledge is reinforced by exercises with audio cassettes which reproduce different management situations and role plays designed to skillfully manage situations and find solutions.
  • Finances: these courses are designed for financiers and accountants. Learning financial terms through a program that deals with case studies, financial reports, accounting procedures, etc. Written and oral training allows you to deal with situations encountered with clients, on the telephone, in meetings and to prepare reports.
  • Negotiation: these courses focus on techniques for negotiating prices, terms of sale, deadlines, etc. Buyer side and/or seller side, learning key phrases, formulating arguments, expressing demand and The commercial offer is reinforced using the role-playing technique.
  • Presentation: these courses focus on presentation techniques for companies, projects, products, etc. …As part of a speech, learning key phrases, introductory formulas, linking phrases, presentation of tables and graphs, etc. … The presentations are repeated according to the technique of role plays.
  • Secretarial work: these courses focus on expressions of hospitality in the company for switchboard operators, hostesses and secretaries. Learning the appropriate phrases and formulas in order to welcome visitors, answer the telephone, take messages, write short notes for the transfer of current information… All these skills are reinforced by using role plays.
  • Writing course: this course is intended for people whose mother tongue is or/and is not, experiencing difficulty in correctly writing texts, letters and administrative documents of a professional or private nature in the target language. Often needed by administrative employees.

Individual and personalized telephone lessons: always according to previously defined objectives and from a program based on role plays, retracing situations experienced or to be experienced such as:

  • place or take orders,
  • make an appointment,
  • resolve conflict situations,
  • manage the day-to-day business of professional life. This course is supplemented by e-mail exchanges with the professor, thus making it possible to use the formulas necessary for writing.

Competitive rates

Private lessons:  contact us

Semi-Private Lessons: (2 people of the same level) – contact us

For group lessons, we offer two formulas:

FORMULA 1: Group registration. You register a group of 3 to 9 people and the price of the course will be calculated per hour regardless of the number of people registered. Minimum of 3, maximum of 9/level. Ideal for companies wishing to offer courses to a large number of employees at all levels.

A) Group lessons: 3 to 9 people – Duration / session: 30 hours

B) Group lessons: 3 to 9 people – Duration / session: 60 hours

FORMULA 2: Individual group registration. You choose specific employees of your company to whom you want to offer the possibility of taking courses. Ideal for companies that want to offer courses to only a few employees. The price of the course will be calculated per session. A minimum of 4 people/level is required.

C) Group course individual registration: Minimum of 4 people registered/level: 30 hours
Minimum duration per class: 1h30

Frequency: 1/week minimum
twice a week, recommended for beginners and elementary.

Bet on professionals, when your future depends on your success!

  • Flexibility of schedules and courses
  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Courses within your company
  • Courses adapted to the specific needs of the company
  • Competitive rates
  • Company personnel language needs assessment service

Flexibility of schedules and courses

Private or semi-private lessons 

Suggested time blocks within your company:
7.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Thursday
7.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday

Group lessons

Suggested time blocks within your company:
7.30 a.m. to 9 a.m. / Monday to Friday
11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. / Monday to Friday
3.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. / Monday to Thursday

Courses within your company

We move, you provide a closed room equipped with a television with an audio DVD/CD player, some chairs for your employees as well as a table (easel or whiteboard).

Your employees will thus have the possibility of getting to their language course quickly and you will not have to invest more time than necessary for these courses.

Evaluation = the first step towards success

A correctly done evaluation not only allows to evaluate by definition, but above all to prevent future learners from wasting their time in an inappropriate course and therefore not progressing and ultimately that the course costs money to the learner. business, but is not effective.

Quote request

Classes by phone:  

Duration per class: 25 minutes
Costs: contact us
Session: 10 classes minimum

Frequency: 2 times / week recommended
1 time / week minimum

Service for assessing the language needs of company personnel.

Understand the company's activity and its linguistic needs during a first meeting. A definition of your objectives is essential to better meet your expectations.

Evaluate the level in order to form homogeneous groups and distribute candidates in an optimal way, ALC Montreal carries out a linguistic assessment, which measures their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and their writing skills, followed by a brief interview in English . We not only assess oral skills, but also analyze the needs of candidates for the tasks to be performed or the assignments to be carried out in English, specific to their functions in the company.

Propose a suitable program your program details the objectives to be achieved and a sufficient number of hours to obtain the expected results.

Choose the appropriate teaching tools

We work with a wide variety of educational tools available on the market (grammar, technical, commercial, office automation, audio and video cassettes, etc.). In addition, these are always supplemented by supports developed by ALC Montreal. In order to facilitate immersion in the language, outside of class, we refer learners to various websites, books and films.

Implement the course

A regular schedule will be established according to the availability of trainees. The teachers go to the company at the times chosen by the company and they take on the program established within the time limits actively planned with their trainees.

Establish the final progress report

An end-of-course report includes a summary of the objectives established at the start of the training, a description of the work done during the lessons, a list of teaching materials used, observations of each student and recommendations.