There are languages ​​that intrigue us, impress us, and make us want to learn them. Although learning a new language can be intimidating, difficult, and may at times seem impossible, with the right tools and instruction, there are no limits to learning a new language. Mandarin, perhaps, is one of those languages ​​you might like to learn. Whether it is for practical reasons, or simply because you want to learn a new, exciting language, the Académie Linguistique Charlemagne (ALC) offers courses to help you easily and enjoyably learn Mandarin.

You Have to Want it

Do you like to visit Chinatown on a daily basis? Is your curiosity sparked by overhearing conversations in Mandarin? Do you plan on visiting China, or any other country where Mandarin is spoken? Do you like Manga, or Chinese movies and television programs? Do you want to broaden your cultural horizons and challenge yourself with learning a new language? These are all great reasons to want to learn Mandarin. Like with anything new, learning a new language takes drive and willpower.

Towards New Horizons

China is one of the most popular places in the world for traveling Westerners looking to get out of their comfort zone. Stunning landscapes, delicious food, and a rich culture make China a place you will want to visit more than once. To live this experience, communicating with the Chinese is necessary.

Knowing how to speak Mandarin can also open up a wide range of professional possibilities. Speaking Mandarin will allow you to develop your artistic and intellectual abilities, and character learning is a great test for memory and dexterity. Being a tonal language, Mandarin also helps in developing both hemispheres of your brain. Don't waste time thinking about it; sign up for Mandarin courses today!

The Right Method for You

Spoken by more than 850 million people globally, the Chinese language is one of the most complex, but also one of the most popular languages ​​to learn. There are a multitude of ways to learn the language, each beneficial in different ways. It is undeniable that taking courses is a universally effective way of learning a new language. At Montreal's ALC, your specific needs and preferred learning style are taken into account. Courses are available from beginner to advanced levels, and are taught by native Mandarin speakers.

From learning simplified characters to using common vocabulary, ALC classes will allow you to speak, understand, and read and write in Mandarin. Whether in a group session, an evening class, or through an individual lesson, ALC offers a program specially tailored to your needs.