• Mnemonic

    Associating an image with a word is easy, do you think, but associating an idea, an opinion with an image and moreover transcribing it, that is to say making a correct sentence in the past or the future without speaking its mother tongue in class: impossible … do you think! Not with ALC Montreal.

  • Interaction

    Interacting in speech acts in a context appropriate to real life makes it easy to memorize vocabulary and gain self-confidence. ALC offers you this training through role-playing and playful training.

  • ILab

    FUN AND INTERACTIVE tool essential for consolidating the memory of words associated with their sound. ALC offers all its students a platform as a course support through which they can develop vocabulary, practice phonetics, consolidate sentence syntax and progress fluently in order to interact with native speakers without worry. Only students registered in the course programs offered by ALC Montreal will have access to the ALC platform.








    Dynamic teachers

    You and we have one goal: your success ALC montreal you are guided by competent and experienced teachers whose mission is your success and put fun and interactive techniques in place to make it easier for you to learn the target language.

Our language teaching is based on a curriculum adapted to your needs

You and we have one goal: your success

The success of your apprenticeship is based on the following points:

  • An exact assessment of your initial knowledge and your objectives.
  • A program adapted to your learning facilities.
  • Has constant pedagogical support throughout your language studies at ALC montreal .
  • And to our pedagogical approach which has proven itself over many years with a multitude of students.

Classes not the masses

These INTERACTIVE AND FUN ONLINE HYBRID language courses WITH EXPERIENCED TEACHERS can only be effective if the learner actively participates in the lessons, our classes welcome groups of 4 to 8 people/level.

ALC 's main objective is for learners to obtain solid knowledge as quickly as possible, our hybrid courses have been designed according to the interactive method we use, which is why each class is composed of various exercises allowing learners to develop solid knowledge through videos, deductive grammar exercises, role plays and more!

Dynamic and motivated teachers

ALC chooses its teachers carefully, not only on the basis of their academic training and their teaching skills, but also on their ability to develop a basis of trust between the learners and themselves.

All ALC teachers are native speakers and have received specific training to teach students of international origin. They take their mission very seriously and strive throughout your stay to provide you with individual support specific to your personal needs.

No translation in class

This means that the teachers speak only in the target language, they do not use the translation or the dictionary in class, this forces the learners to get used to thinking in the language they are learning. You will be surprised how easy it is to learn this way and how much you take away from it.