Associating an image with a word is easy, do you think, but associating an idea, an opinion with an image and moreover transcribing it, that is to say making a correct sentence in the past or the future without speaking its mother tongue in class: impossible … do you think! Not with ALC Montreal. Motivated and 'coached' by our experienced and dynamic teachers, you will be able to participate actively from the beginner level by interacting without difficulty. The introduction of vocabulary and syntax via the use of Questions - Answers will allow you to quickly and easily memorize the vocabulary and syntax necessary to express yourself without forgetting the audio-visual supports which will give you the essential support to understand the context. dialogue, which will not only allow you to speak after only a few minutes of class, but also to develop solid and appropriate language skills to use on a daily basis.


Interacting in speech acts in a context appropriate to real life makes it easy to memorize vocabulary and gain self-confidence.
ALC offers you this training through role-playing and playful training. At ALC Montreal , not only will you be able to speak from the first hours of class, but also to form sentences thanks to the deduction teaching method. No translation, but a context close to reality that makes you understand and memorize language skills.