If there is one thing that characterizes Montreal, it is diversity. Whether we talk about culture or language, it is necessary to be open-minded in order to discover more about the people who live in this city. English has become as common as French, whether in shops, at events and even socially, especially on crowded downtown streets in the summer. Learning English allows you to communicate with your peers without any barriers, English being a universal language is all the more useful in a professional context or to allow you to travel without ever feeling slowed down or uncomfortable when traveling. a conversation or a situation because the person in front of you does not speak French, even if it is a meeting with someone whose first language is, for example, Spanish, you can all the two communicate in English , most of the time.

Learn English to open doors for you

Montreal is a city known around the world for its schools and the quality of life it offers students from here and abroad. Of course, the French-speaking schools are as famous as the English-speaking ones. But having the chance to study in English at universities like Concordia or McGill opens the door to working in jobs anywhere in the world or even going to study at American or English-speaking universities elsewhere, without any language barrier. Taking the basic English courses offered by the Linguistic Academy is the perfect way to access these prestigious schools for a few summer courses and allow you to explore new professional avenues.

Few job offers do not mention that being bilingual is required in Montreal. After taking a course with the Académie Linguistique Charlemagne, you can add to your curriculum vitae a criterion valued by employers. While the summer season is one of the best times to find a new job, nothing can stop you from posting in the most recognized international companies.

Communicate with anyone, anywhere

The summer season in Montreal is full of activities, such as shows at festivals and more in the streets of the city. The best way to learn English is undoubtedly to interact with all the people who meet at its events. In addition, going to see music or comedy shows and even films in English can allow you to learn in another way.

Learn and practice

The Charlemagne Linguistic Academy offers courses with native teachers, standard and specific, giving you the choice of learning English in order to achieve your personal and professional goals with one of the highest success rates on the market. Classes can be taken individually and intensively, always according to your needs and availability. Afterwards, you find yourself in one of the best cities, where the majority of people are bilingual, in order to use your knowledge, converse and become fluent in English.

For more detailed information, visit the Charlemagne Linguistic Academy website: https://alcmontreal.com/programmes/anglais/eng-25/