Throughout the world, Canadians, whether English or French, are recognized for their unique personality, their kindness and their unique way of speaking English. The accent of Montrealers when they speak English can be heard quickly, an American will know it from the first words, especially if he is having a conversation with someone whose native language is French. But, the beauty of Montreal is that the people in town will never judge you when you make the effort to learn and practice English, in addition to always helping you improve. And even if they won't necessarily correct you, since everyone has their own way of pronouncing words, whether in English or in French, they will help you understand the small nuances of pronunciations or exceptions of their language.

Everyone has their own way of speaking and learning English

It is not the vocabulary that differs Anglophones from here and elsewhere, it is rather their way of constructing a sentence, of pronouncing words and of using expressions, such as French in Quebec, in Montreal and en region is different from French dans in France or in other European countries, for example. In each place, people appropriate the language, transform it, make it evolve, this is all the more the case for English and this is what makes it a living language.

The Charlemagne Linguistic Academy is aware of this reality and offers free courses to students enrolled in regular programs to allow them to complete their knowledge according to their needs and objectives. It's no secret that the best way to learn a new language is to practice it on a regular basis. It is difficult, if not impossible, to practice a language without knowing the basics, taking an English course in Montreal is an excellent avenue to mix the two and to do it intensively and quickly.

In addition to the welcoming people who will be happy to help you learn English, from students from elsewhere to traders, including people who have been established here for a long time, you can take English lessons in order to to feel completely comfortable and confident when you come face to face with someone whose first language is English. It will also be possible for you, in a professional environment, to access higher positions, being bilingual, in addition to being able to learn directly with your English-speaking colleagues if there are any at your workplace.

Whatever your occupation, the Académie Linguistique Charlemagne offers training that suits your schedule and your needs, whether intensive day courses at 30, 25 or 15 hours per week or evening courses at 6 or 3 hours. per week for the written program. It is thus possible to acquire the necessary knowledge to have a good base in English and to improve yourself afterwards with the Montrealers and their unique way of speaking English, you will thus learn new expressions and if you travel, anyone with who you are going to converse with will recognize your particular accent. You can also, in turn, help Francophones who wish to communicate in English in Montreal.

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