Read the INFORMATION BULLETIN BEFORE SIGNING UP IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS. ALC Montreal offers you this new approach to registration in order to facilitate your planning and to offer you a faster date and according to your availability while respecting the health guidelines due to the PANDEMIC OF COIVID-19 - As soon as your registration has entered the IT system, it is therefore processed: no cancellation - no change - no refund.

By registering, you understand that:

1- You agree to choose 2 different dates to take the computer and oral tests according to the time slots and the free dates at the time of your registration.

2- You agree to choose 2 different time slots, the same day to take the different inseparable events.

E-mail adress: if you make a mistake in your email address, we will no longer be able to make any corrections, so please provide the correct email address. For applicants of Chinese origin: email addresses with QQ do not work !!

Depending on your objective, click on the choice of events below. Once the events have been chosen, you will be redirected to the registration form and the calendar.

What tests are done on the computer? Oral comprehension - written comprehension - written expression - Lexicon & structure. (duration 2h to 3h)
What test will I take with an examiner? Oral expression (duration 20 min)

Simplified registration form