It's hard to know where to start when deciding to learn something new, especially a language as difficult as Mandarin. That's why you need to find easy and fun learning tools every day.

It is possible to do this by taking courses, such as those offered by the Charlemagne Linguistic Academy, but beyond the time spent in class, when practice becomes necessary to put new knowledge to good use, small games with objectives is one of the good techniques to adopt. For example, that of practicing a few words forming a small sentence in Mandarin, every day, for ten days.

Small daily challenges

Learning a new language is rarely a full-time thing unless you do it in a professional setting for a particular job. So, it can be laborious to find the time and follow a learning plan that requires a lot of investment. Obviously, it is necessary to put energy into it, but it is also important to have fun while learning.

To do this, a good way not to get discouraged is to set small daily goals, for example, repeating a series of three words to yourself in the car on the way to the office every day, or having your coffee while morning or even in your shower. Integrate your little challenges into your routine and add more words every day, this is a method that applies to both someone who is curious about a language and someone who is a beginner or intermediate

If you fancy taking lessons, you can start right now by learning a few easy words to have fun and practice, like these:

Hello : Nǐhǎo

Good morning : Zǎo

Thank you : Xièxiè

Yes : Shì

No : Bù shi

Good : Hǎo

Today : Jīntiān

Tomorrow : Mingtian

Yesterday : Zuotian

Goodbye : Zàijiàn

Already, with the acquisition of little knowledge like this, you will feel at ease if you want to take Mandarin lessons with the Charlemagne Linguistic Academy in Montreal. For a very advantageous price, you will have the opportunity to follow courses adapted to your rhythm and your professional or personal needs, with Chinese, mother tongue and experienced teachers. In addition to learning to speak and understand it, you can learn to read and write a language that will open up your cultural horizons.

Do not hesitate to consult our program for more details: