To be fully prepared to meet the important French tests during your academic or professional journey, or your immigration to Canada.
To get into a university, or to land your dream job, excellent results in several French tests are needed. It can be scary and stressful to prepare for these exams, which can change your future. There is already plenty of stress surrounding admission into higher education, internships, or applying for future careers. Don't add another worry, and be perfectly prepared for French exams such as the TFI, TEFTEF aQ, the TECFEE, the CEFRANC and the OQLF exam by taking a prep course offered by the Académie Linguistique Charlemagne de Montréal.

Preparing for the TFI – International French Test

University admissions can be very stressful for some students, even more so if they want to get a place in a program with limited spaces. Most higher learning establishments (University of Montreal, UQAM, Sherbrooke University) also require you to pass the TFI. The best way to ensure your success is to be well organized. ALC Montreal offers two options; an intensive TFI course or a specifically formulated course. In either case, the course is adapted to your needs, your rhythm and your availabilities.

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Preparing for the TEF and TEFaQ – French Evaluation Test and the Quebec French Evaluation Test

The TEF is one of the tests needed to enter the HEC as well as other universities across Canada and in Europe. This same test is also required by the ICCRC for all immigration consultants. ALC Montreal offers intensive courses every month, either privately or in groups. Thanks to the curriculum adapted to the specific needs of this test, ALC Montreal has a 95% success rate. One of the differences between this test and the TEFaQ is that the TEFaQ is required by immigration services for those who wish to apply for a CSQ.

Test Prep for Teachers

Studying to become a teacher can be incredibly challenging and time consuming, without talking about the exams required, like TECFEE and CEFRANC. Preparing for all these exams is necessary but can be hard to manage alone. That's why ALC Montreal offers prep courses for these two decisive tests. With the help of trained and experienced teachers, you will be excellently prepared to understand the required criteria, and to succeed without banging your head against the wall for hours alone in your room. Choose the support that ALC Montreal can offer, and you will be prepared for success.

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Preparing for the Quebec Board of the French Language Exam

If you are studying to be a doctor, a lawyer, a pharmacist, veterinarian, accountant or any other occupation which has a professional order, you know that acquiring your permit depends, among other things, on your fluency in the official language of Quebec, specifically as it relates to your profession. Therefore, preparing for the Quebec Board of the French Language Exam is absolutely required to ensure your continued success in the industry for which you have such passion. With specialized teachers at ALC Montreal, we offer the indispensable learning tools adapted to your needs and the exam content to assure your confidence and success.

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With innumerable stresses surrounding taking any type of exam, invest in your future and sign up for an exam prep course for the TFI, TEF, TEFaQ, the TECFEE, CEFRANC and the Quebec Board of the French Language Exam. Results of students who have taken an ALC Montreal course for the TFI, TEF and TEFaQ are at 95% with similar results for all other tests. Don't deprive yourself of these exceptional tools and sign up today.