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Why Castilian? Because it is the basic language. The richness of the Spanish language is found in many countries with very different colors and cultures from each other.

Indeed, when in the 15th century, the maritime adventures towards the new world began, many sailors left the south of Spain. These colonists brought their Andalusian dialect in their luggage, as for example in Santo Domingo and Cuba. We can therefore undoubtedly speak of dialects with regard to intonation, pronunciation and some words or expressions. The dialects of Latin America show a difference in the use of pronouns used in ordinary Spanish. The Spanish subject pronoun of the second person singular is “tú” (tu) while in Argentina or Uruguay we use “vos”, while to address someone we will use “usted” in Spain as well as in Latin America. Did you know? ¿A que hora sale el próximo bus? (What time does the next bus leave?)¿Puede ayudarme, por favor? ( Can you help me please? ) ¿Quieres tomar algo? (Would you like something to drink?)

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, overtaken by Chinese and English. In the Americas, it is the most common first language, and outside of Spain, Spanish is spoken in the Philippines, the United States, and even in Africa. To conclude, Spanish is spoken in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, USA, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Cuba and 34 other countries.

This is why ALC offers free optional courses to students enrolled in regular programs so that they can, if they wish, complete their knowledge according to their language objective.

At ALC , you can take classes in Spanish for 3 hours per week in the evening.

Individual Spanish lessons

If you have little time or if you want to focus more intensively on your Spanish learning, ALC offers you individual Spanish lessons alone with a teacher who has prepared a curriculum of personalized lessons adapted to your needs. and goals.

We offer these Spanish courses within our academy or in companies.

Individual lessons in French, English, Spanish, German and Mandarin

Specific and professional language courses

The program of these Spanish courses aims to develop your knowledge of vocabulary related to the professional sector in which you work and/or study or you are about to do so.

This program is offered in

Individual lessons
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