Ximena G.

I took the TEFAQ Oral Comprehension and Expression exam preparation course in ALC, in private sessions and with great pressure to pass it in order to begin the residency process here in Canada. During this month and a half process, thanks to the help of each member of the ALC team, especially the administrative assistant, Alice, and the excellent teacher I had, Yulian, I learned a lot. His teaching method is perfect and structured, everything has a purpose in the end. This is the reason why I was able to be ready for the date I needed to present the exams!!! Totally impressed and grateful for the good service, the human warmth and the way each member of the ALC team gives the best of themselves, not only as a professional, but also as people.

Pierre-Antoine P. from Montreal

My Spanish teacher, Carlos, was excellent. The ALC administration employees gave me a warm welcome and the flexibility of appointments that I was looking for.

Cristina C. from Montreal

Nervous and anxious to have to pass the TFI to enter university, I took private lessons at ALC Montreal . My teacher encouraged me and her classes were good, but the support that made the difference came from the director of studies, she gave me practice tests and supported me, talked to me and listened to because I was very nervous when I had to take the official test. Results: 890. Thank you ALC.

Rita B. from Spain

I spent two summers in Montreal and each time I enrolled at ALC Montreal, the first time for English classes, the second time: English classes and TOEFL iBT preparation. They were great. The very competent and dynamic teachers and the helpful administration who are always there for me. I liked it and I passed my TOEFL!

Mohammad. K. from Montreal

I passed the oral comprehension of the TEFaQ 4 times, each time I missed the test by a few points. The director of studies had already advised me to take a few hours of preparation classes because I was having a blockage. I didn't want to listen to her, but after 4 failures I did. The few hours of private lessons gave me the confidence to better handle the stress of the test. Unfortunately, I failed again! The director offered me a week of group lessons completely free thanks to the success guarantee. After the fifth time: I succeeded! Thanks to ALC, thanks to you, I was able to pass the TEFaQ and thanks to the teachers: very good and very patient.

Rebecka D. from Switzerland

I took advantage of my trip to Canada, and more specifically to Montreal, to enroll in French courses at ALC Montreal. Warm and friendly welcome. Good atmosphere and good organization of the courses. Professional and flexible in the schedules, which helped me a lot because I had to be absent often during my lessons. I loved.

Madonna B. from USA

Small groups and sometimes even semi-private or private lessons at no additional cost. We are progressing rapidly. The management ensures that the course is effective and that the level is reached. Well structured and well organized. I learned a lot.

Emilio Amat. PSM of Mexico

The learning method makes all the difference. We learn, we progress day by day. Few activities after class, but when we leave class we talk. ALC has decided to bet on effective learning and not on the fun side and linguistic coffee. I was a little disappointed at first, but I quickly realized that I was progressing three times faster than in the other schools I had gone to before and which offered me a very broad program of outings and activities. I passed my TOEIC thanks to the English lessons taken at ALC Montreal.