TEFaQ Preparation Course
TEFaQ Preparation Course

Test Preparation for TEFaQ in Montreal


Le TEFaQ is a version adapted to Quebec from TEF (French Evaluation Test). This is the test required by the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Quebec for people wishing to emigrate to Quebec. Its objective is to assess the skills in oral comprehension and oral expression according to the levels indexed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CECRL) and on the Quebec scale of French proficiency levels of adult immigrants (EQNCF ).


Preparation for TEFaQ

Bet on professionals, when your future depends on your success !!!

ALC Montreal's TEFaQ preparation course, with teaching provided by specialists, in-depth teaching tools, a fun and interactive platform specific to TEFaQ training and an evaluation of your progress guarantee you real progress and a foundation solid.

The mother tongue teachers at ALC Montreal will teach you to master the knowledge required for the exam, to approach your exam strategically, to maintain a certain pace and to manage your stress.

ALC Montreal offers 2 preparation options to TEFaQ according to your needs and possibilities.

  • 1 to 5 classes per week
    • 2 hours of class / class
    • Timetables according to your availability between 8.30 and 21.00

Costs: See private lessons

Costs: $ 399 (including platform support)

A minimum of 4 students is required to start the session.

  • 8 hours of lessons with a teacher via Skype
  • TEF specific training platform
  • 2 blank tests via the ALC platform
  • Duration per session: 3 weeks
  • Day session: 15:00 p.m. to 17.50 p.m. Tuesday – Thursday
  • Evening session: 18.00 p.m. to 20.50 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday
  • Start of session dates: see registration form

Note: ALC reserves the right to change course schedules according to registrations.

ALC reserves the right to reduce the price to 50% of the expected time in case of less than 4 participants.

Caution : Your previous level in French FLE is important, you must pass an evaluation test before we can confirm your registration in the TEFaQ preparation course.

You hesitate, do not know if your language skills are sufficient? Take a test in white, it is a test based on the official test that will allow you to judge for yourself the difficulties of the test, so you can make the right decision and take training if necessary

Cost of the test in white: between 40 $ and 80 $ depending on the number of tests required for the exam.

These blank tests are also offered to people wishing to ensure their success at TEFaQ without the need to register for a training. This allows to better visualize the structure of the test and therefore to be better prepared even if the language knowledge is sufficient to succeed

Examples of questions for TEFaQ:

Oral expression
Oral Understanding
Written expression
Written comprehension

Are you ready for the test?

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