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DELE preparation course

What is DELE?

The DELE (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language) is an official diploma that recognizes your skills in Spanish both orally and in writing. Based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), this test assesses your skills in reading, writing, speaking and understanding Spanish from level A1 to level C2 (link to the different language levels). You will be assessed on your written comprehension, your written expression, your oral expression, your expression and finally on grammar and vocabulary (depending on the level). Successful completion of all the tests is a requirement to obtain the DELE.

Who recognizes the DELE?

DELE is recognized in Europe as well as in Canada by companies, chambers of commerce, teachers' associations, school boards and universities, and especially in the official institutions of Spanish-speaking countries. Same as some North American universities.

Preparation for the DELE test with ALC Montreal

ALC Montreal's strategic DELE preparation course, with teaching from specialists, in-depth teaching tools, an assessment of your progress and computerized exam simulations guarantee you real progress and a solid foundation. A hybrid course combining the experience of a material language teacher and the interaction of a fun platform allowing learners to improve their knowledge in the 4 language skills required at the DELE. With ALC Montreal's hybrid courses, you will learn to master and approach your exam strategically, to maintain a certain pace and to manage your stress.

The ALC Montreal DELE Preparation Program will give you the tools and confidence you will need on the day of the real test to reach the score you need to achieve, depending on what the university or institution requires.

These hybrid courses (teacher + specific DELE platform) are offered online at the times that suit you.

  • 1 to 5 classes per week
  • 2 class / class hours
  • Times according to your availability between 8.30 am and 21.00 pm

Costs: See private lessons 

Caution : Your previous level in Spanish is important, you must pass an assessment test before we can confirm your registration in the DELE preparation course.