OLF  in Montreal - Preparation for the exam from the Quebec Office of the French Language to ALC,

Who should pass the OQLF exam? Professionals ! Doctors - Lawyers  -Pharmacists- Veterinarians - Accountants and others. Professional orders may issue licenses only to persons having an official language that is appropriate to the practice of their profession. (Charter of the French language, art. 35This is why this examination must be prepared in a way that is appropriate to each one's professional sector.

Preparation for the examination of the OQFL

Bet on professionals, when your future depends on your success !!!

Le preparation course au OQFL of ALC Montreal, with instruction from specialists, in-depth teaching tools, a language laboratory center, assessment of your progress and exam simulations  guarantee you real progress and a solid foundation. The mother tongue teachers of ALC Montreal You will learn to master the knowledge required for the exam, to approach your exam in a strategic way, to maintain a certain pace and to manage your stress.

Strategic training adapted to your needs!

This course prepares you for the examination of the Office Québécois de la langue française (OQLF).

This exam breaks down as follows:

  • Individual preparatory activity: Reading comprehension in French
  • Group oral interaction activity: oral comprehension and expression in French
  • Individual writing activity: written expression in specific French
  • Individual oral interaction activity: Oral comprehension and expression in specific French

It is therefore essential that you are well trained in order to focus on the essential: the right answers.

OQLF preparation course

Formula in private classes

For a personalized preparation according to your needs and your availability - 10am - 15pm - 20pm of your choice Be ready. Put the odds on your side!

ALC Montreal courses will ensure you are ready to write correctly and according to the OQLF criteria, writing 150 to 200 words - Lexical and grammatical spelling - development of syntax and grammar - revision of punctuation

The courses at ALC Montreal will ensure you pass the oral interaction test successfully - training to express yourself fluently and precisely - strategic review of specific vocabulary related to your specialization

  • 1 to 5 classes per week
  • 2 class / class hours
  • Timetables according to your availability between 8: 30 and 21: 00

Costs: See private lessons

For personalized preparation for the OQLF exam according to your needs and availability

The OQLF exam preparation programALC Montreal will give you the tools and the confidence you will need on the day of the real test to achieve the required score.

Caution : Your previous level in French is important, you must take an assessment test before we can confirm your registration during the preparation of the OQLF exam.

Examples of questions under consideration by the OQLF.

Here are some examples of questions that may relate to your profession:

Explain what are your main tasks in your profession.

Why do you prefer this or that task?

What service do you work in?

Why did you choose this profession?

In this or that situation ... .. how would you react and why?