Information on the TFI
International French Test

The TFI (Test de Français international) is required as an entrance exam to many universities and colleges in order to follow a program in French.

The TFI has become a classic among French language tests and is one of the few tests that does not include Oral Expression or Written Expression!

Don't wait for HR to ask you to validate your French knowledge, add a plus to your CV and immediately insert your TFI score, the interview will be even more positive!

What does the TFI test look like?

The TFI has only one version: paper test
The TFI offers 3 sections separated into 2 parts: Listening and Reading

The TFI test lasts approximately 2 hours and takes place in two sections including the administrative part:
• Oral Comprehension: 42 minutes
• Written Comprehension: 68 minutes

TFI test scores are correlated on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) for levels A1 to C1.
The test examines oral and written comprehension skills and uses common everyday vocabulary, key phrases and expressions that reflect real-world tasks.
The persons tested do not need to have any particular knowledge beyond that of a person who uses written and oral French in daily activities at a level between B2 and C1 Some colleges or universities require an essay to the internal in addition to the TFI.

The strategy for successful TFI

If you also want to validate your French skills via the TFI, ALC Montreal offers you 2 strategic options focusing on the results you want to obtain.
What you want is to have a good score!
What ALC Montreal does: coach you strategically and effectively so that you get the right score.

So interested?

OPTION 1 : Discovery training , recommended for people with good knowledge of French and/or French speakers and wishing to prepare for TFI strategies to ensure they reach level B2 or + depending on the level required.
3 hours of strategic training with a teacher specializing in TFI training will allow you to discover the vocabulary, grammar and syntax required to obtain a B2 or higher


OPTION 2: Strategic courses in a mini group to improve your knowledge of French and guarantee you the B2 level confirmed in the 2 basic tests required at the TFI
Increase your level in 3 weeks by taking a course with a teacher specialized in TFI You focus on the vocabulary - grammar - syntax - to complete the Reading part - and develop listening and speed reading skills to pass the Listening part. essential: your entrance to university or college or your career
: Interested?