Preparation for the TFI Test at ALC Montreal

(International French test)

The International French Test (TFI) assesses and certifies the ability of non-French speakers to communicate in French in a professional context and during international exchanges.

Standardized test, giving reliable scores whatever the version of the test, it measures French skills according to a continuous scale of scores.

It is aimed at people from beginner to advanced levels , of all professions and socio-professional categories. No specialized knowledge or vocabulary is necessary, apart from the usual vocabulary, used daily in the context of professional life.

Designed on the same model as the Test of English for International Communication® (TOEIC®) , the TFI test was designed at the request of large French-speaking groups. The TFI is requested by French-speaking universities and also by certain companies.

Preparing for the TFI

Bet on professionals, when your future depends on your success!

The ALC Montreal TFI preparation course , with teaching provided by specialists, in-depth teaching tools, a language laboratory , an evaluation of your progress and computerized exam simulations guarantees you real progress and a base solid.

ALC Montreal 's native language teachers will teach you to master the knowledge required for the exam, to approach your exam strategically, to maintain a certain pace and to manage your stress.

Our course formula ensures a high success rate even for students wishing to undertake medical studies for which a score of 860 is required, 95% of them have so far obtained the required 860 points .

Attention: Your prior level in French FLE is important, you must pass an evaluation test before we can confirm your registration for the TFI preparation course in order to enter a university.

ALC Montreal offers 2 TFI preparation options according to your needs and possibilities.

Prepa TFI 27

$599 instead of 675

– 27 hours of lessons with a teacher
– 5 hours of practice on a platform or more / week
– Skills: 3 – Oral comprehension – Grammar – Written comprehension
– Duration: 3 weeks
– Blank tests: 2
– Days: Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday 5 p.m. at 6:50 p.m.
– All inclusive (lessons + platform + educational support)

For a tailor-made preparation

  • From 1 to 5 classes per week
    • 2 hours of lessons minimum/class
    • Times according to your availability between 8.30 and 21.00

Costs:  See private lessons

Are you ready for the test?

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Attention: Your prior level in French is important, you must pass an evaluation test before we can confirm your registration for the TFI preparation course.

Cost of the evaluation test to integrate a preparation course:  $25. This amount will be automatically deducted from the registration fees for students who decide to take training with ALC.