Business language courses may seem redundant at first. But by the time you realize that business talk is almost like an entirely new language with a completely different set of rules, you may have already made a professional error. The absolute need for a solid grasp of business language can partially be explained by the linguistic practice of “code switching.”

What is Code Switching?

Essentially, it is the phenomenon whereby the speaker switches languages ​​or speech styles to suit a specific audience. An example of that is a teenager who is crude and vulgar with their friends but who won't swear in front of their parents. Another example of that is using slang with your spouse and then speaking in a professional manner to coworkers and managers at your job. It doesn't necessarily require an extensive use of industry jargon. There are nuances of language that indicate professionalism and respectability that will make you appear competent and serious about your job.

What You Can Expect from Our Business Course

If your employer is offering to help you improve your business language proficiency, you will have the opportunity to learn under qualified and experienced instructors at the Académie Linguistique Charlemagne. First, you must complete a basic language course in order to move on to the more specialized program of business language.

The standard language courses are offered for all proficiencies, so if you already have a basic grasp of English or French, you will not have to start at the beginning. Our instructors will assist you with finding the difficulty level that's suitable for you by giving a simple evaluation. The beauty of being registered for language courses through the company you work for is that our instructors can come to your place of work to not disrupt your time.

How Will You Benefit From a Business Language Course

Having a proper grasp on business language doesn't come naturally to native speakers. It is therefore even more important that non-native speakers learn the nuances of business language, which will significantly benefit their career and expand their possibilities. Learning a business language in French or English in Quebec will help you behave yourself professionally in the following forms of documentation:

-Business and Formal Communication (speaking and writing)
-Business Economics
-The legal systems that regulate the business world
-A range of operational expertise

Be unencumbered by your limited language skills and unlock a world of possibilities for your future professional career in Montreal and Quebec.
The ALC is one of the most trusted names in language learning and development in Montreal. Although we offer many courses in Spanish, German and Mandarin, we specialize in helping our students develop their language skills in French and English, Quebec's two main spoken languages. Having a proper grasp of the language of business will not only improve your self-esteem and ability to communicate with your peers, it will also open many possibilities for professional advancement in your field. Register today or contact ALC Montreal for more information.